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6ES7953-8LG11-0AA0 6ES7193-4CA50-0AA0 D4SL-NSK10-LKH E2E-X4MD1 2M
6ES7953-8LG20-0AA0 6ES7193-4CK30-0AA0 D4V-8104SZ-N E2E-X14MD1 2M
6ES7953-8LG30-0AA0 6ES7193-4JA00-0AA0 D4V-8104Z-N E2E-C04S12-WC-B1 2M
6ES7953-8LG31-0AA0 6ES7193-4JA00-0AA0 D4V-8107Z-N BY OMR E2E-C04S12-WC-C1 2M
6ES7953-8LF11-0AA0 6ES7193-4DL00-0AA0 D4V-8108SZ E2E-C04S12-WC-B1-2 2M
6ES7953-8LF20-0AA0 6ES7193-4DL10-0AA0 D4V-8108SZ-N E2E-S05S12-WC-C1 2M
6ES7953-8LF30-0AA0 6ES7193-4DE10-0AA0 D4V-8108SZ-N E2E-S05S12-WC-B1 2M
6ES7953-8LF31-0AA0 6ES7193-4CE00-0AA0 D4V-8108SZ-N BY OMR E2E-S05S12-WC-C1-2 2M
6ES7953-8LL20-0AA0 6ES7193-4CE10-0AA0 D4V-8108Z-N E2E-C03SR8-WC-C1 2M
6ES7953-8LL31-0AA0 6ES7195-7HD80-0XA0 D4V-8108Z-N BY OMR E2B-M12KS04-WP-B1
  6ES7195-7HB00-0XA0 D4V-8111Z BY OMR E2B-M12KS04-WP-B2
6ES7131-4BF00-0AA0   D4V-8112Z E2B-M12KS04-WP-C1
6ES7134-4MB02-0AB0 6ES7131-4BF00   E2B-M12KS04-WP-C2
6ES7134-4GD00-0AB0 6ES7132-4BF00 E2B-M12LS04-M1-B1 OMS E2B-S08KS02-MC-B1 OMS
6ES7135-4GB01-0AB0 6ES7134-4GB01 E2B-M12LS04-M1-B2 OMS E2B-S08KS02-MC-B2 OMS
6ES7135-4LB02-0AB0 6ES7134-4GB11 E2B-M12LS04-M1-C1 OMS E2B-S08KS02-MC-C1 OMS
6ES7138-4DF01-0AB0 6ES7134-4GD00 E2B-M12LS04-M1-C1 OMS E2B-S08KS02-MC-C2 OMS
6ES7138-4DF11-0AB0 6ES7135-4GB01 E2B-S08KN04-WP-B1 2M OMS E2B-S08KN04-MC-B1 OMS
6ES7138-4CA01-0AB0 6ES7135-4LB02 E2B-S08KN04-WP-B2 2M OMS E2B-S08KN04-MC-B2 OMS
6ES7138-4DA04-0AB0 6ES7138-4DA04 E2B-S08KN04-WP-C1 2M OMS E2B-M12LN05-M1-C1 OMS
6ES7138-4CF03-0AB0 6ES7138-4CA01 E2B-S08KN04-WP-C2 2M OMS E2B-M12LN05-M1-C2 OMS
6ES7151-3AA23-0AB0 6ES7151-3AA23 E2B-M12KN05-M1-B1 OMS E2B-M12KS02-M1-B1 OMS
6ES7972-0BA52-0XA0 6ES7151-1AA06 E2B-M12KN05-M1-B2 OMS E2B-M12KS02-M1-B2 OMS
6ES7972-0BA12-0XA0 6ES7138-4DF11 E2B-M12KN05-M1-C1 OMS E2B-M12KS02-M1-C1 OMS
6ES7193-4GD20-0AA0 6ES7151-1BA02 E2B-M12KN05-M1-C2 OMS E2B-M12KS02-M1-C2 OMS
6ES7134-4MB02-0AB0   E2B-S08KN02-MC-B1 OMS E2B-S08KN02-WP-B1 2M OMS
  6ES7151-3BA23-0AB0 E2B-S08KN02-MC-B2 OMS E2B-S08KN02-WP-C1 2M OMS
6SL3120-1TE23-0AC0 6SL3120-2TE13-0AD0 E2B-S08KN02-MC-C1 OMS E2B-S08LN04-MC-B1 OMS
    E2B-S08KN02-MC-C2 OMS E2B-S08LN04-MC-B2 OMS
GP2501-TC11 3G3JZ-A4015 D2F-F-D CJ1W-ID261
GP2501-TC41-24V 3G3JZ-A4571 D2F-L CJ1W-ID262
GP2400-TC41-24V 3G3JZ-A4037 D2FW-G271M(D) CJ1W-MD231
GP2401-TC41-24V 3G3JZ-AB004 D2FW-G273M CJ1W-MD233
GP2300-LG41-24V 3G3JZ-AB007 D2HW-A201D CJ1W-MD261
GP2301-LG41-24V 3G3JZ-AB007 D2MQ-1 CJ1W-MD263
GP2300-SC41-24V 3G3JZ-AB015 D2MV-01L22-1C3 CJ1W-MD563
GP2301-SC41-24V 3G3JZ-AB015 D2VW-5-1M(D)(CHN) CJ1W-OA201
GP2300-TC41-24V 3G3MX2-A4007-ZV1 D2VW-5L2-1M(CHN) CJ1W-OC201
GP2301-TC41-24V 3G3MX2-A4110-ZV1 D2VW-5L2-1M(D) CJ1W-OC211
  3G3MX2-A4150-ZV1 D2X-C CJ1W-OD201
GP4301TAD 3G3MZ-AB015 D3M-01L2 CJ1W-OD211
GP4301TADW 3M6006 D3V-16-3C25 BY OMI CJ1W-OD212
GP4201TAD 3TB4322-0XB0 D40A-1C015-F CJ1W-OD231
GP4401TAD 3Z4S-LE SV-1214V D4A-3101N CJ1W-OD233
GP4401TADW   D4A-4501N CJ1W-OD261
GM4301TAD 6571-1030 VS64-CBL-03M D4A-4501N CJ1W-OD262
GM4201TAD 61F-G 110/220VAC C D4A-A00 CJ1W-OD263
GP4501TAD 61F-G1N AC110/220 D4A-C00 CJ1W-IC101
GP4501TAA 61F-G3N AC110/220 D4A-C00 CJ1W-II101
GP4501TADW 61F-GP-N AC100 D4B-2A15N CJ1W-TER01
GP4601TAA 61F-GP-N AC220 D4C-1202 CJ1W-B7A22
GP4601TAD 61F-GP-N AC220 D4C-1202 CJ1W-INT01
GP4501TMA 61F-IN AC110/220 D4C-1224 CJ1W-IDP01
GP4601TMA 6ES7-216-2BD23-0XB0 D4C-1302 CJ1W-CLK23
GP4501TMD 8PFA D4C-1402 CJ1W-CRM21
GP4601TMD A165-JRM-1 D4C-1602 CJ1W-DRM21
  A-20GV2-B D4C-3202 CJ1W-EIP21
NS5-SQ00B-V2 A22-01 D4C-4332 CJ1W-ETN21
NS5-TQ11B-V2 A22E-M-12 D4C-6224 CJ1W-ETN11
NS5-SQ11B-V2 A22Z-EG1 D4CC-3060 CJ1W-CLK21-V1
NS5-SQ10B-V2 AP-Z D4CC-4571 CJ1W-SCU21-V1
NS5-SQ10B-ECV2 B7AS-T6B6 D4CC-4060 CJ1W-SCU31-V1
NS8-TV00B-V2 B7A-T6A1 D4DS-K1 CJ1W-SRM21
NS8-TV01B-V2 BS-1 D4DS-K2 CJ2M-MD211
NS10-TV00B-V2 BS-1 D4DS-K2 CJ2M-CPU11
NS10-TV01B-V2   D4DS-K3 CJ2M-CPU13
NS12-TS01B-V2 C500-CE403 D4DS-K3 CJ2M-CPU14
NS12-TS01-V2 C500-CE404 D4DS-K3 CJ2M-CPU15
NS12-TS00B-V2 C500-CE404 D4DS-K5 CJ2M-CPU31
NS12-TS00-V2 C500-CE404 D4DS-K5 CJ2M-CPU32
6ES7331-7HF01-0AB0 CDHD-N1KW D4E-1A20N CJ2M-CPU34
6ES7331-7KB02-0AB0   D4E-1A20N CJ2M-CPU35
6ES7331-7KF02-0AB0 CMT3155X D4E-2C10N CJ1W-PA202
6ES7331-7PF01-0AB0 CP1EB-CPURM01 D4GL-1AFA-A CJ1W-PA205R
6ES7331-7PF11-0AB0 CP1E-E20SDR-A D4GS-NK1 CJ1W-PD571
6ES7331-7NF00-0AB0 CP1E-E30SDR-A D4JL-2NFA-C5 CJ1W-PD571
6ES7331-7SF00-0AB0 CP1E-E40SDR-A D4JL-2NFG-C5 CJ1W-PA205C
6ES7331-1KF01-0AB0 CP1E-E60DR-A D4JL-2RFA-C6 CJ1M-CPU11
6ES7331-1KF02-0AB0 CP1E-E60SDR-A D4JL-4QFA-C6 CJ1M-CPU12
6ES7332-7ND02-0AB0 CP1E-N14DT1-A D4JL-K2 CJ1M-CPU21
6ES7332-5HB01-0AB0 CP1E-N14DT-D D4JL-K3 CJ1M-CPU22
6ES7332-5HD01-0AB0 CP1E-N20DR-A D4MC-2000 CJ1M-CPU23
6ES7332-5HF00-0AB0 CP1E-N20DT-A D4MC-2000 CJ1W-AD041-V1
  CP1E-N20DT-D D4MC-2571 CJ1W-AD04U
6ES7153-1AA03-0XB0 CP1E-N30DR-A D4MC-5000 CJ1W-AD081-V1
6ES7153-2BA02-0XB0 CP1E-N30DR-D -CH D4MC-5571-N BY OMR CJ1W-DA571
6ES7153-2BA10-0XB0 CP1E-N30DT-A D4MC-5040-N CJ1W-DA041
6ES7334-0CE01-0AA0 CP1E-N30SDT-D D4N-2120 CJ1W-DA08C
6ES7334-0KE00-0AB0 CP1E-N40DR-A D4N-2122 CJ1W-DA08V
6ES7335-7HG02-0AB0 CP1E-N40DT1-A D4N-212G CJ1W-MAD42
6ES7338-4BC01-0AB0 CP1E-N40DT-A D4N-212G CJ1W-PTS15
6ES7350-1AH03-0AE0 CP1E-N40SDR-A D4N-212G CJ1W-PTS16
  CP1E-N60DR-D D4N-212H CJ1W-PTS51
6ES7307-1BA01-0AA0 CP1E-N60DT1-D D4N-2A2GR CJ1W-PTS52
6ES7307-1EA01-0AA0 CP1E-N60DT-A D4N-412G CJ1W-PH41U
6ES7307-1KA02-0AA0 CP1E-N60DT-D D4N-8B32 cj1W-NC113
  CP1H-EX40DT-D D4NA-412G cj1W-NC133
6ES7315-2AG10 CP1H-EX40DT-D D4NA-412G cj1W-NC213
6ES7315-2AH14-0AB0 CP1H-EX40DT-D D4NA-4131 cj1W-NC233
6ES7315-2EH14-0AB0 CP1H-X40DR-A D4NL-1DFA-B cj1W-NC413
6GK7343-1CX10-0XE0 CP1H-X40DR-A D4NL-1DFA-BS cj1W-NC433
6GK7343-1EX30-0XE0 CP1H-X40DR-A D4NL-1FFA-B4S CJ1W-TC001
374-2XH01-0AA0 CP1H-X40DT-D D4NL-4DFA-BS CJ1W-TC004
6ES7313-6CF03-0AB0 CP1H-X40DT-D D4NS-1AF CJ1W-TC101
6ES7314-1AG140AB0 CP1H-X40DT-D-SC D4NS-1AF CJ1W-CT571
6ES7317-2EK14-0AB0 CP1H-X40DT-D-SC D4NS-1AF  
  CP1H-XA40DR-A D4NS-1AF E2E-X2E1 2M
6ES7151-1AA02-0AB0 CP1H-XA40DR-A D4NS-1BF E2E-X2F1 2M
6ES7151-1AA04-0AB0 CP1H-XA40DR-A D4NS-1BF E2E-X2ME1 2M
6ES7151-1AA05-0AB0 CP1H-XA40DR-A D4NS-1CF E2E-X2D1-N 2M
6ES7151-1AA06-0AB0 CP1H-XA40DR-A D4NS-1CF E2E-X2D2-N 2M
6ES7151-1AB02-0AB0 CP1H-XA40DR-A D4NS-1CF E2E-X2D1-U-Z 2M BY OMS
6ES7151-1AB05-0AB0 CP1H-XA40DT1-D D4NS-1CF E2E-X20MD1 2M OMS
6ES7151-3BA23-0AB0 CP1H-XA40DT-D D4NS-1CF E2E-X3D1-N 2M
6ES7151-3AA23-0AB0 CP1H-XA40DT-D D4NS-2BF E2E-X3D2-N 2M
6ES7151-1BA02-0AB0 CP1H-XA40DT-D D4NS-4AF E2E-X3D1-M1G 
6ES7151-1CA00-0AB0 CP1H-Y20DT-D D4NS-4BF E2E-X5E1 2M
6ES7151-1CA00-1BL0   D4NS-4CF E2E-X5E2 2M
6ES7151-1CA00-3BL0 TM-E15S26-A1 D4NS-4CF E2E-X5MF1 5M
6ES7151-8AB00-0AB0 6ES7193-4CA20-0AA0 D4NS-4DF E2E-X1R5E1 2M
6ES7151-8AB01-0AB0 6ES7193-4CB20-0AA0 D4SL-CN3 E2E-X1R5E2 2M
6ES7151-8FB00-0AB0 6ES7193-4CC20-0AA0 D4SL-N2FFA-D E2E-X5ME1 2M
6ES7151-8FB01-0AB0 6ES7193-4CD20-0AA0 D4SL-N2GFG-D E2E-X5ME2 2M
6ES7151-7AA11-0AB0 6ES7193-4CG20-0AA0 D4SL-N2HFA-D E2E-X7D1-N 2M
6ES7151-7AA13-0AB0 6ES7193-4CA30-0AA0 D4SL-N2VFA E2E-X7D1-N 5M
6ES7151-7AA20-0AB0 6ES7193-4CB30-0AA0 D4SL-N4RFG-D E2E-X7D2-N 5M
6ES7151-7AA21-0AB0 6ES7193-4CC30-0AA0 D4SL-NK1S E2E-X8MD1 2M
6ES7151-7FA21-0AB0 6ES7193-4CD30-0AA0 D4SL-NK2 E2E-X18ME1 2M
6ES7151-3BA60-0AB0 6ES7193-4CG30-0AA0 D4SL-NK2 E2EM-X8C1 2M
  6ES7193-4CA40-0AA0 D4SL-NK3 E2E-X10E1 2M
6ES7953-8LJ20-0AA0 6ES7193-4CF40-0AA0 D4SL-NSK10-LK E2E-X10ME1 2M
6ES7953-8LJ30-0AA0 6ES7193-4CF50-0AA0 D4SL-NSK10-LK E2E-X10MF1 2M
6ES7953-8LJ31-0AA0 6ES7193-4CB00-0AA0 D4SL-NSK10-LKH E2E-X10D1-N 5M
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Application: Industrial
Speed: High Speed
Number of Stator: Single-Phase
Function: Control
Casing Protection: Open Type
Number of Poles: 8


servo motor

How are servo motors used in CNC machines and other precision machining equipment?

Servo motors play a crucial role in CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines and other precision machining equipment. They provide precise and dynamic control over the movement of various axes, enabling high-accuracy positioning, rapid speed changes, and smooth motion profiles. Here’s a detailed explanation of how servo motors are used in CNC machines and precision machining equipment:

1. Axis Control:

CNC machines typically have multiple axes, such as X, Y, and Z for linear movements, as well as rotary axes for rotational movements. Servo motors are employed to drive each axis, converting electrical signals from the CNC controller into mechanical motion. The position, velocity, and acceleration of the servo motors are precisely controlled to achieve accurate and repeatable positioning of the machine’s tool or workpiece.

2. Feedback and Closed-Loop Control:

Servo motors in CNC machines are equipped with feedback devices, such as encoders or resolvers, to provide real-time information about the motor’s actual position. This feedback is used in a closed-loop control system, where the CNC controller continuously compares the desired position with the actual position and adjusts the motor’s control signals accordingly. This closed-loop control ensures accurate positioning and compensates for any errors, such as mechanical backlash or load variations.

3. Rapid and Precise Speed Changes:

Servo motors offer excellent dynamic response, allowing CNC machines to achieve rapid and precise speed changes during machining operations. By adjusting the control signals to the servo motors, the CNC controller can smoothly accelerate or decelerate the machine’s axes, resulting in efficient machining processes and reduced cycle times.

4. Contouring and Path Tracing:

CNC machines often perform complex machining tasks, such as contouring or following intricate paths. Servo motors enable precise path tracing by accurately controlling the position and velocity of the machine’s tool along the programmed path. This capability is crucial for producing intricate shapes, smooth curves, and intricate details with high precision.

5. Spindle Control:

In addition to axis control, servo motors are also used to control the spindle in CNC machines. The spindle motor, typically a servo motor, rotates the cutting tool or workpiece at the desired speed. Servo control ensures precise speed and torque control, allowing for optimal cutting conditions and surface finish quality.

6. Tool Changers and Automatic Tool Compensation:

CNC machines often feature automatic tool changers to switch between different cutting tools during machining operations. Servo motors are utilized to precisely position the tool changer mechanism, enabling quick and accurate tool changes. Additionally, servo motors can be used for automatic tool compensation, adjusting the tool’s position or orientation to compensate for wear, tool length variations, or tool offsets.

7. Synchronized Motion and Multi-Axis Coordination:

Servo motors enable synchronized motion and coordination between multiple axes in CNC machines. By precisely controlling the servo motors on different axes, complex machining operations involving simultaneous movements can be achieved. This capability is vital for tasks such as 3D contouring, thread cutting, and multi-axis machining.

In summary, servo motors are integral components of CNC machines and precision machining equipment. They provide accurate and dynamic control over the machine’s axes, enabling high-precision positioning, rapid speed changes, contouring, spindle control, tool changers, and multi-axis coordination. The combination of servo motor technology and CNC control systems allows for precise, efficient, and versatile machining operations in various industries.

servo motor

How does the accuracy of a servo motor impact the precision of a system it operates in?

The accuracy of a servo motor has a significant impact on the precision of the system in which it operates. Here’s how the accuracy of a servo motor influences the precision of the system:

1. Positioning Control:

The accuracy of a servo motor directly affects the precision of positioning control in a system. A servo motor with high accuracy can accurately and consistently reach and maintain the desired position. This precision in positioning control is crucial in applications where precise movements, such as in robotics or manufacturing processes, are required. If the servo motor lacks accuracy, it may introduce position errors, leading to reduced precision in the system’s overall operation.

2. Repeatability:

Repeatability refers to the ability of a system to consistently achieve the same position or motion repeatedly. The accuracy of a servo motor plays a vital role in achieving high repeatability. A servo motor with high accuracy will consistently return to the same position when commanded to do so. This level of repeatability is essential in applications where consistent and precise movements are necessary, such as in assembly lines or pick-and-place operations. A lack of accuracy in the servo motor can result in variations in position from one cycle to another, reducing the overall precision of the system.

3. Error Compensation:

The accuracy of a servo motor is crucial for error compensation in a system. In many applications, external factors, such as variations in load or environmental conditions, can introduce errors in the system’s operation. An accurate servo motor can help compensate for these errors by precisely adjusting its position or motion based on feedback from sensors. This error compensation capability contributes to maintaining the precision of the system, as the servo motor can continuously adjust to minimize any deviations from the desired position or trajectory.

4. System Stability:

The accuracy of the servo motor also impacts the stability of the system. A servo motor with high accuracy can achieve stable movements and maintain control over the system’s dynamics. It can respond accurately to control signals, preventing overshoot, oscillations, or erratic behaviors that can degrade system precision. On the other hand, a servo motor with lower accuracy may introduce instability or erratic movements, compromising the overall precision of the system.

5. System Calibration and Calibration:

An accurate servo motor simplifies the calibration and fine-tuning process of a system. When a system requires calibration, an accurate servo motor provides a reliable reference point for adjustments. The precise and consistent movements of the servo motor make it easier to calibrate other components or subsystems in the system, ensuring that the entire system operates with the desired precision. If the servo motor lacks accuracy, it can be challenging to calibrate the system effectively, resulting in reduced precision in the system’s operation.

In summary, the accuracy of a servo motor has a direct impact on the precision of the system it operates in. An accurate servo motor enables precise positioning control, high repeatability, effective error compensation, system stability, and simplified calibration processes. These factors collectively contribute to achieving the desired precision in the system’s operation. Therefore, selecting a servo motor with the appropriate level of accuracy is crucial for ensuring the overall precision and performance of the system.

servo motor

What are the key advantages of using servo motors in industrial applications?

Servo motors offer several key advantages that make them highly beneficial for a wide range of industrial applications. Here are some of the main advantages of using servo motors:

1. Precise Positioning:

Servo motors excel at precise positioning control. They can accurately move to specific angles or positions with high repeatability. This level of precision is crucial in applications where accurate and consistent positioning is required, such as robotics, CNC machining, and assembly lines.

2. High Torque at Various Speeds:

Servo motors are designed to deliver high torque output across a range of speeds. They can generate significant torque even at low speeds, enabling efficient operation in applications that require both high torque and precise control, such as lifting heavy loads or performing intricate movements.

3. Fast Response Times:

Servo motors have fast response times, meaning they can quickly accelerate, decelerate, and change direction in response to control signals. This responsiveness is essential in applications where rapid and dynamic motion control is needed, such as industrial automation, robotics, and production line equipment.

4. Closed-Loop Control:

Servo motors operate in a closed-loop control system, where feedback from position sensors is continuously used to adjust the motor’s behavior. This feedback control mechanism enables accurate tracking of the desired position and compensates for any disturbances or variations that may occur during operation. It enhances the motor’s accuracy, stability, and performance.

5. Wide Range of Sizes and Power Ratings:

Servo motors are available in a wide range of sizes and power ratings, making them suitable for diverse industrial applications. Whether it’s a small motor for precision tasks or a large motor for heavy-duty operations, there are servo motor options to meet various requirements.

6. Energy Efficiency:

Servo motors are designed to be energy-efficient. They typically have high power density, which means they can deliver a significant amount of torque per unit of size and weight. This efficiency helps reduce power consumption, lowers operating costs, and contributes to a greener and more sustainable industrial environment.

7. Flexibility and Adaptability:

Due to their versatility, servo motors can be easily integrated into different systems and applications. They can be combined with various control systems, sensors, and communication protocols to provide seamless integration and compatibility with existing industrial setups. This flexibility allows for customized and scalable solutions tailored to specific industrial requirements.

8. Durability and Reliability:

Servo motors are known for their durability and reliability, even in demanding industrial environments. They are built to withstand harsh conditions such as high temperatures, vibrations, and dust. This robust construction ensures long-term operation and minimizes downtime, contributing to increased productivity and reduced maintenance costs.

In summary, the key advantages of using servo motors in industrial applications include precise positioning, high torque at various speeds, fast response times, closed-loop control for accuracy and stability, a wide range of sizes and power ratings, energy efficiency, flexibility, and durability. These advantages make servo motors highly valuable for industries that require precise motion control, such as robotics, manufacturing, automation, CNC machining, and many others.

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